With thousands of products in the nutritional market, we know what sells.


If you need help with custom formulations, research and development, or packaging and labeling LivGreen is here to assist you. When you want to develop custom formulas, our experienced team can assist you. Rely on a trusted supplier. We will help identify the right formulas, and the right mix of ingredients for your product. From there, you can pick your desired product form for your product(s), whether that is in gummy, chewable dosage, capsule, tablet, powdered stick, or softgel form. To ensure your product is a success, formulas developed in our facilities go through strict testing & analysis process.


We offer a wide array of Private Labeling & Custom Formulation services to develop your own products. Our customers can have our products under their brand name, logo, and their design. If you prefer a completely new formula, then with the help of our Research & Development team, we can formulate a totally new product/formula from scratch, not just that, we will help you take your private labelled product to the next level. We will guide you through every step in the process.


We offer top-notch contract manufacturing services. We assist with the formulation, encapsulation and tableting of your products, in any shape and form like gummies, softgels, tablets, capsules, pills, powders, etc. We use the latest technology and test for quality throughout the process, so that the products meet top quality standards. Our company is committed to being fully compliant with FDA regulations and GMP standards. You can rest easy about the final product. We are always looking for better formulas and the highest quality of ingredients, we will do our best to support our customers' specific product development needs.


We can offer you packaging and labeling services for all of your Nutraceutical, Cosmetics & Skincare and Sports supplement products. We offer graphic design services to help you create a label that matches your brand. Each of our designers is an expert at creating one-of-a-kind designs that will help your product stand out and create a positive impression about your products with your clients.


The key to our quality formulas and products is our Research and Development team. They ensure we produce quality products by developing the latest formulas and ensuring proper medical & engineering principles are used in our manufacturing process. We make quality a priority throughout the entire process. Our research & development team can help you in coming up with the latest and most unique formulas to be ahead of any product in the market. To learn more about how LivGreen can help you with formulating, manufacturing, labeling, and packaging your products.