Google, Facebook, Youtube, And Instagram Advertising

We offer a range of social media marketing services that assists you in tapping into the world of social media and find new modes of conversion. We help your brand with the following social media services:

Social Media Strategy

The social media specialists at Red Dash Media can help you build an influential brand identity, a community for your brand, increase sales, and drive more traffic to your social profiles. Our strategy involves both organic and paid campaign creations, platform management, and content creation for your social profiles.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social media paid advertising helps reach high-intent prospects. By using paid social media campaigns, we aim to close more sales from the conversions through the ads. We use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn advertising to promote a product or service and gain more lucrative opportunities.

Platform Management

Social media presence is fundamental to a business’s growth and our social media marketing solutions are designed to expand the reach of your social media profiles. We are skilled in managing different types of social media platforms and all our social media campaigns are developed to engage the people and boost your social presence.

Content Creation

From Instagram to LinkedIn, all social media platforms require compelling content that reflects the unique brand message and your targeted audience derives useful insights from it. We conduct thorough market research to create content that matches your brand’s voice and drives your brand towards success.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most popular social media advertising platforms. We use carefully curated Facebook ad campaigns to drive immediate traffic to your website, influence more lead and sales. We also use Facebook regarding ads to increase attribution and retain the Facebook users who have shown interest in your business.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a visually engaging platform where you can use pleasing images to spark an interest among your targeted audience about your service or product. By keeping your Instagram feed engaging and using social media advertisements you can capture the attention of your targeted customer.